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SmokeyBear   (24 Mar 2015 02:23 PM)    Tag: News
Uploader Fixed... Finally, New Artists Inducted

Uploader Fixed... Finally

It was not an easy and smooth migration, but the promblems with the uploader are behind us... finally!

New Artists Inducted

I have inducted a few moore local artists and granted them Friends of the Admin status.

Bo PorterHilary KuhlmeyJustin Black & Big Heart
SmokeyBear   (06 Feb 2011 06:28 PM)    Tag: News
Bot sign-ups on this site will always be disabled...

Bot sign-ups on this site will always be disabled, and the IP address banned forever.

So if you are simply joining this site to try to infiltrate it, or cause any sort of mayhem, beware...

I am an IP expert and I track all bogus b.s. on my site. I ban IPs for creating bogus accounts. These IPs have been banned already:

Banned IP Addresses »

And another one today... 

I'm not jokin' about this.

Barry Willie Black
The Site Admin

SmokeyBear   (23 Dec 2010 07:33 PM)    Tag: News
All Bands & Artists boosted to FOTA

All Bands & Artists boosted to FOTA by SmokeyBear for Christmas for all who have joined the site this year!

Thanks y'all, and have a very Merry Christmas

Barry Willie Black

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