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1 Black Gandhi
Rain on Me
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2 Derrick N. Ashong and Soulfege
Another Day
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3 Derrick N. Ashong and Soulfege
No More
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4 Black Gandhi
Necessarily So
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5 Black Gandhi
Two Sides of My Life
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6 Barry Willie Black
Arms Of A Woman
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7 Barry Willie Black
Me And Bobby McGee
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8 The Shawn Perio Band
The Fireman
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9 Derrick N. Ashong and Soulfege
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10 Luis Disla
Stick To It
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Influences buddy guy, rufus thomas, luther allison, otis redding
Country AMERICA NORTH: USA: New York (NY)
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Artist Bio:

kickass R&B band with hardcore blues roots, Hard Bargain's been playin and recording around NYC/NJ since 1999.  Now featuring lead singer Billy Valentine!  Music avail at iTunes and CD

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thebassguy (24 Jun 2010 11:13 AM)
hi Smokey, hope you dig our stuff!
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SmokeyBear (23 Jun 2010 05:04 PM)
Thanks for joining my site y'all!


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